Answers to some common questions
Who can make icon requests?
Only registered users can make icon requests.
Registration is free and only require an email address.
See the following for more information about why a registration is needed, and what icons you can request.
Why register for an account?
There is an access limit for non-registered users - only one download (via copy image link or export button) is allowed every 3 hours. Logged in users do not have this restriction.
Access to the js file is also limited only to registered users.

Registering helps us to evaluate the interest in this Service, and helps us delegate resources to its maintenance.
If you have further queries, please read the Privacy Policy or contact us.
Can I use this for commercial projects?
Yes. You may use this for your company's website or your client's business website.
However, you may not resell this, or sell it as part of another library, in part or in its entirety.

For clarifications, please read the Terms of Use or contact us.
What icons can I request?
Anything that is NOT: NSFW, pornographic, suggestive, violent, discriminating, offensive, infringing copyrights of others (e.g. logo of a company that you do not own), or illegal.

Take note that we do not guarantee we will handle your request immediately, or at all. We will from time to time, add new icons based on popularity (i.e. number of requests received). The quantity of icons added, as well as the frequency of the addition, is not guaranteed.
Something broken?
Message us to let us know.