Answers to some common questions

What is Craft:Glyphs?

Craft:Glyphs is a library of SVG icons that we have created and curated into a collection.

We wish to be useful to a variety of users, so instead of selling image files, we sell access to handy tools:

  • Image Exporter - users can set the required color and size, and save it as a PNG file without the use of an image editor,
  • Copy to Clipboard - users can paste the icon directly onto documents,
  • Short codes - users can add simple tags to add icons to their websites (with the use of the js library),
  • Full codes - users can add whole html tags to add icons to their websites (without the use of the js library).

It is possible that some or all of the tools may not work well in your use case. We strongly advise you to try the Free Tier first before making a purchase.

What do I get with a Maker account?

You get access to the Maker icons on top of the Basic set.
However, only one device can be logged in at the same time. If there is another device logged in with the same email address, it will be logged out.

Can I get a refund?

Because the library is a downloadable software, it will be difficult to grant a refund. We highly recommend that you try out the Free Access first.

However, we understand that things happen, and you can contact us for a discussion.

What happens when my Maker Access lapses?

You will be unable to use all the tools nor access the Repo for the Makers Icons.
But you can still use the last JS library that you have downloaded before your access lapses.

You will always have access to the Basic Icons.

Can I use this for commercial projects?

Yes. You may use this for your company's website or your client's business website, but we ask that you give us appropriate credit, in a reasonable manner.

You may not resell the icons, or sell it as part of another library, in part or in its entirety.
You may also not upload the library onto a public and/or open code repository where others may access it.

For clarifications, please read the Terms of Use or contact us.

I need an icon, can I submit a request?

Yes! Anyone can submit a request. It helps us to know what are the icons in-demand.
At the moment, requests are only added to our consideration, and we do not make any guarantee that we will make them in time, or at all.

For more discussion, please contact us.

What icons can I request?

Anything that is NOT: NSFW, pornographic, suggestive, violent, discriminating, offensive, infringing copyrights of others (e.g. logo of a company that you do not own), or illegal.

Take note that we do not guarantee we will handle your request immediately, or at all.

We may from time to time, create new icons based on popularity (i.e. number of requests received) and release them as expansion packs. The quantity of icons added, as well as the frequency of the addition, is not guaranteed at the moment.

I have more questions, where can I contact the makers?

Please feel free to message us here.

You are invited

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This is our first mini launch and we are gathering interest and feedback for this project.
Please drop us a message if you would like to stay in the loop.